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Why Plaid?

Open Banking Integrations

Plaid’s integrations are Open Banking and PSD2 compliant, delivering secure and reliable access to the UK and European financial ecosystems.

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Open Banking, PSD2

Global network

Plaid is a leading provider in the UK, Europe and North America, connecting 3,000+ apps to 11,000+ financial institutions, all through a single API.

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Global network


Plaid builds with developers in mind. Get set up in the Dashboard instantly, and with just a few lines of code, you can implement Plaid in an afternoon.

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Personal finances

Help users manage, budget, and make sense of their money

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Help users initiate payment transfers to fund their accounts, make online payments, and pay bills

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Help consumers and businesses access capital through a streamlined experience

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Banking and wealth

Help users manage their savings, equity, investments, and more

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Business finances

Help businesses manage their expenses, pay bills, do bookkeeping, and send payroll

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Payment Initiation in the UK

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Our joint vision for open finance

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